Emily Baker Interior DesignerLooking back, my interest in design was present at an early age. I loved helping my mother decorate our home, selecting everything from the perfect fabric for the sofa and drapes in our living room to the tile and paint colors in the kitchen. In school I planned to pursue a career in architecture, taking art and AutoCAD. After studying International Relations and Economics in college, I spent seven years working in corporate America with high level executives. Never abandoning the urge to study something more creative, I enrolled at Boston Architectural College’s interior design program. I fell in love with the curriculum, studying spatial planning, color theory, and the history of design. I trained with a high-end residential interior designer prior to launching Emily Baker Design and never looked back.

Growing up in Connecticut and on Cape Cod shaped my love of classic, livable spaces. I have a keen appreciation for scale, proportion, balance, color, texture and light, and no matter your style, I believe these design elements create the perfect space when combined. In each project I strive to articulate the vision of a client through materials, finishes, textiles and furniture. The result is a timeless, functional space that speaks to the homeowner.



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